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. >>> sayaka mori from our weather team joins us now. tell us what's behind all this heat. >> yes, it's imbearably hot in many parts of the northern hemisphere. several high-pressure systems are to blame. across east asia, many record highs set in east china, south korea and western and central japan. in fact, in japan, tens of thousands of people have been carried to hospitals due to heatstroke so far this year. now, this is the reason. we have the pacific high which is very strong this year. on top of that, we have another high, the tibetan high. the two high-pressure systems are compressing the air and working as a powerful heat engine. the height of the highs are actually nearly 15 kilometers. now, heat is not going anywhere, unfortunately. kyoto in the mid 30s into your friday. nearly 40 degrees in parts of china and daegu running six degrees higher than usual for the next three days. across a different side of the world over iberian peninsula and northwestern africa, wildfires have been reported. and the reason is we have the atlantic high right here and another high, that's nor
correspondent joins us now from there. a new networker which potentially seems to threaten rupert murdoch's business empire. >> it is. let's begin by having a look at the paper itself. telegraph."daily you can see kevin rudd to rest up here as colonel klink and on the other side, sergeant sch ultz, that is the deputy prime minister. this german theme was picked up on by this newspaper because he was seen having a drink in a bavarian style tavern in australia with another member of the labour party who has been investigated on various corruption allegations. but you are right, i think the row, or at least what mr. rudd is saying is mr. murdoch intervened so decisively really because he is concerned about plans for a national broadband network -- in other words, improving internet access -- and that is something that could have implications for mr. foxtel cablen network. the second time in a week we have had headlines like this. i want to show you another one for monday. the first day of the campaign. kevin rudd thomas kicked thismob out -- kevin rudd, kick out.mob >> thank you very much.
to work with them. they didn't do that with us. in some ways it is reflective of underlying challenges we have had with russia lately. >> president obama also responded to the growing controversy over the wide ranging nsa surveillance programs that edward snowden has revealed. >> a lot of these programs were put in place before i came in. i had some skepticism and i think we should have healthy skepticism about what government is doing. i had the programs reviewed and putting additional safeguards to make sure there is federal court oversight as well as congressional oversight, that there is no spying on americans. we don't have a domestic spying program. what we do have are some mechanisms where we can track a phone number or e-mail address that we know is connected to some sort of terrorist threat. >> edward snowden's father says he believes president clinton will continue to stand firm in the face of pressure from the obama administration to hand --r his son whom the name president vladimir putin will continue to stand firm in the face of pressure from the obama administration to hand
to certain places. charles haviland, bbc news. >> let's get the very latest from charles who joins us from there. base for several al qaeda-linked extremist groups. is an al qaeda and taliban presence in many parts of pakistan. lahore has certainly reeled under militant attacks several times in the past few years, not so much recently, but they have reached -- they reached their zenith in 2010-2011. scores of people kled in different types of attacks, sometimes sectarian attacks, victimizing the shia population of pakistan, sometimes attacks sometimesfi tribes, in areas popular with forests -- tourists. yes, pakistan second-biggest city. the u.s. is clearly worried about what it calls a specific threat, but it is not explaining what that means. >> how long will the consulate be closed for, do we know? >> u.s. officials have been asked about this, and they are saying, we really do not know. as is interesting because pakistan was not included in the list of mainly muslim countries in which the u.s. diplomatic missions were closed starting from last sunday. is notsion in islamabad open today
. the statement said nuclear weapons should never be used under any circumstances. japanese delegates refused to sign. >> translator: it implies the government would approve of their use under some circumstances. >> reporter: japanese rely on the nuclear umbrella of their u.s. allies as part of their security. still, prime minister shinzo abe said they have a duty because of their history. >> translator: japanese are the only people in the world to have suffered an atomic bombing during wartime. as such, we have a responsibility to help bring about a world without nuclear weapons. >> reporter: the average survivor is more than 78 years old. many are working as hard as ever to tell their stories so that theirs will be the last city to suffer such horrors. hiro morita, nhk world, nagasaki. >> the national peace institute reports that eight countries possess them. the u.s. and russia together account for over 90% of the stockpile. >>> the outgoing u.s. ambassador to japan was among the guests at the nagasaki ceremony. john roos told nhk he hopes president obama will one day visit hiroshima. roos
them visas to the u.s. now comes obama's cancellation of their meeting in moscow next month. the white house cited a lack of progress on issues from missile defense to trade, to global security and human rights. then of course, there is the snowden question. president obama said he was disappointed by the russian asylum decision and less like he added -- >> there have been times when they slip back into cold war thinking and a cold war mentality. what i consistently say to president putin is that is the past. we've got to think about the future. >> i think putin has deliberately decided to poke obama in the eye. even before snowden, this was not a happy relationship. maybe something went wrong when they met at the g-8 summit. this has been a deliberate act decided by the kremlin. do not believe any of the russian stuff about low-level officials have taken the decision. >> his election campaign last year was marked by a series of mass protests in moscow and other major cities. his reaction, according to human rights watch, was to introduce curbs on public demonstrations and a wider defi
at the dea, irs agents are then instructed to cover up how they obtained the tips. pakistan, u.s. state department has ordered most personnel to leave the consulate in lahore because of a threat to the mission. gunman in the pakistani city of of aa fired on the vehicle politician driving past worshipers leaving a mosque, killing nine people and wounding 27. attack came one day after suicide bombing attack in the same city killed three people at a policeman's funeral. three u.s. drone strikes killed at least 12 people in yemen on thursday. the united states has not carried out at least a drone strikes in yemen since july 27, killing 34 people, according to the associated press. in news from europe, the unemployment rate in greece has reached a new high of 27.6%. the job market is even worse for young people. nearly 65% of those between 15 to 24 years of age are out of work. the latest unemployment data in greece was released as president obama was meeting with their prime minister in washington. >> greece is going through incredible challenges. and so far, the prime minister has taken so
. observers say more clashes could erupt. u.s. secretary of state john kerry and eu foreign policy chief katherine ashton have released a joint statement expressing concern about the egypt crisis. the statement says they remain troubled that the government and opposition haven't found a way to break the dangerous stalemate but kerry and ashton say they remain ready to help in any way they can. >>> the u.s. and russia are still at loggerheads over the decision to grant fugitive edward snowden temporary asylum. washington admits that decision was a factor behind the cancellation of a moscow summit between president barack obama and president vladimir putin. the one-on-one meeting was supposed to take place next month ahead of the g-20 summit in st. petersburg. white house officials say obama will go to the g-20 meeting. >> we were not at the point in our progress on a number of these issues where a summit at the presidential level was the most constructive step. >> she also cited the gap between the two sides on missile defense, nuclear disarmament and human rights, but she says that the u
can push us around. i think this is exactly -- was exactly the right thing to do. what he did in syria, in iran, what he's doing all through the middle east, he's going directly against our interests and he knows that he's doing that. >> wait a minute. we've got clashing national interests with russia, he with us. we've got syria. what else? iran to some extent. >> wait a minute. this is a great power. it's a significant power around people like nixon and eisenhower would not have allowed us to have what you call a rupture. on syria, our rebels happy to be more and more dominated by al-qaeda. and they're saying, why are you supporting guys that blew up the twin towers? >> the secretary of state and the defense secretary, hagel and kerry, met with russian officials late this week. they were just not going to put the frosting on the cake by having the president go over there and meet with him on his home turf, which would just grandize him at a time when he's really been yanking the tail of the tiger. >> before that, there's the magnisky act. what is that? >> it put sanctions on a number
are also using more energy as they ramp up production. meanwhile, household energy use continues to drop. officials at the institute say japan's consumption may rise further in 2014 if the global economy continues to improve. >>> japanese wholesale prices rose in july as a weaker yen pushed up the cost of raw materials. bank of japan officials says the corporate goods index climbed half a percent in june, a month-on-month increase except for may this year. utilities surgeried over 5% month-on-month. gas and oil rose more than 2%. and food up 2% due to the rising cost of wheat and bread. >>> japan is jockeying for more positions in myanmar but they lost out on a bid to build a new airport near myanmar's biggest city. the contract will go to other companies from other asian countries. myanmar officials said sunday they selected a consortium of fis to build the airport, handling 12 million travelers for the year. the contract for expanding the old airport went from china, singapore and malaysia that will work with local firms on the deal. it will likely be worth hundreds of millions of doll
. if not, and the police force has to use the authority that it is mandated to use in accordance with the law, then they will do so. some manning the barricades were getting supplies industry- leading goggles and gas masks in case tear gas is used against them. the muslim brotherhood is warning there could be disastrous consequences. if the camps are cleared or surrounded. , there is palpable tension in the city, which has sincey seen 250 killed the former president morsi was removed last month. james, i imagine many of the pictures we have seen, supporters in jubilant spirits, not often the pictures we have seen out there. >> no, i spent a lot of the night from 3:00 in the morning until about 6:00 in the morning atr the mosque at the cap -- the encampment of pro-morsi supporters. the atmosphere i found there was reasonably relaxed. there were speakers continuing to try to motivate the crowd, but i also saw a lot of people trying to catch asleep at 4:00 in the morning. byer people were standing sandbags, saying they would never leave the camp until their president, president mors
city. we used to think the movement was going to come from labor. the movement began to come from people. people taking charge of their neighborhoods. safety innking about terms of neighborliness rather than police. this transformation more important than from hunting to agriculture. how important do you think detroit has been to the nation culturally? of theere once a symbol miracle of production, and we were producing more faster. that we believe that was not unnatural, considering how important henry ford was, but that was not sustainable. in the second decade of the 21st century. in the second decade of the 20th century. those dreams are dead, but we are shaking the world with a new dream. tavis: what is that? food insteadr own of using trucks to bring food and using a lot of fuel. living isay of bringing the neighbor back to the hood. tavis: how did you get to detroit? >> i believed in ideas about ther and workers being secret for the future, and i learned to friendly -- to differently by being married to jimmy job -- jimmy boggs. >> tell me about him. the people in the south
minister. he joins me from jerusalem. thank you very much for joining us on gmt today. the announcement of more settler homes, this could well inflame tensions ahead of the peace talks. do you think this was the intention? >> i do not know whether the intention is to inflame the situation, but it shows very much about the occupation of the current israeli government. it is not by accident that the netanyahu administration prefers to release prisoners rather than to commit himself to the 1967 borders as a reference point for the next the gauche nations on the permanent solution. they decided this date to build more housing units, and it shows very much about his intentions. this is his ideology. he is a very hawkish leader of israel. he has a very hawkish coalition, which created prospects for success. >> there is also the suggestion that israel has made the talks almost a smokescreen to build more settlements. what do you make of that accusation? >> actually, what you could say government,rightist which opposed the oslo agreement 20 years ago, are those who are keeping the oslo agreemen
birth in the u.s. so, most women hide their pregnancies or get their visas before their pregnancies start to show. the 14th amendment to the u.s. constitution was approved by congress just after the civil war primarily to guarantee citizenship for african-americans. it declares, in part, all persons born or naturalized in the united states and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the united states. whether that includes children of foreign parents is in dispute due to a legal debate over the meaning of "jurisdiction." despite that, it is being used by a growing number of foreign women to deliver here. in 2000, the centers for disease control and prevention reported that more than 5,000 infants were born here to foreign mothers. in 2008, the latest year for which data are available, the number was just fewer than 7,500, but many say those numbers are woefully underreported. here's how birth tourism works. brokers advertise, offering package deals to women who want to have their newborns become u.s. citizens. these women are often accompanied by their husbands, who are
struck us most was how natural it sounded. went to see a production. it seems very stately, and when you see it done by somebody you you think, this is something i would love people to see, how fun, however vests how effervescent. a production in 12 days where you were cracking the whip? to get it on film, or were you directing it with the idea of the egg a theatrical release? it using aof theatrical release? >> i was not sure of it being a theatrical release. alexis are good friends, and when they played it 10 years ago i thought, they should play that, but it was not until i had an idea of what to do as a direct or i thought, i should do it. wanted to capture the urgency, that you are there, that it is really happening. moment,ry much in the but at the same time, i had to make a piece of cinema. everybody was working their hardest. we knew it was going to be incredibly difficult. tavis: >> does it say something to the immediacy of shakespeare's work that you could deliver in a short amount of time? >> if i could have done avengers in 12 days i would take a long vacation, and america wo
a visit from u.s. congressmember's, urging for a dialogue on egypt's future. john mccain said that he believes the ousting was a coup. democratic the aspirations and criticisms of the government that led millions into the streets on june 30. theave also said circumstances of the former government's president's removal was a coup. we have said that we cannot expect egypt or any other country to abide by its laws if we do not abide by hours in the united states. the u.s. army psychiatrist accused of shooting and killing 13 people at a military base in texas said that his trial would show that he was the shooter. --or the dollar hassan, who is representing spoke in court. the prosecution said that he had hoped to kill as many soldiers as he could. they are pursuing the death penalty. in two major, thousands flocked to the capital city of tunis for .emonstrations to the chef has been embroiled in a political crisis in the past two weeks following the shooting of another opposition leader who was killed on july 25. on tuesday, the assembly suspended effective these indefinitely pending a d
were developing this for freaks like us-- and i doubt you are-- nobody wants wants toa computer, nobody. >> how does somebody know what they want if they've never even seen it. >> rose: how are you going to handle in the film the last years of the life. >> so the film actually goes through the launch of the ipod. >> rose: right. >> and, you know, when you do a movie you have to decide what you put in and what you leave out. >> rose: exactly. >> most people-- once the ipod hit, there was a vertical integration of hardware and software that apple had that just started this whole new growth cycle for the company. and i think that that's the part that people-- it is pretty fresh in people's minds and people kind of remember it. but the story we thought was interesting was this tale of a guy who had a friend, an idea, and a garage. and took that and built what is-- what was the most profitable country in the history of mankind. and the struggle along the way in an effort to do that. >> rose: and for a while, the largest market cap of any company in the world. >> unbelievable. >> rose: $600 b
you so much you have been an absolute joy to entertain. pbs thank you for having us. join me again, goodnight god bless. ♪ star. larry chance: we love you thank you. thank you. [music playing]. cousin brucie: i've you to tell you something cousins, i'm looking at these guys here and i am thinking palisades amusement park. i got a special pbs reunion now with the members of the original passions along with the original lead voice off their record jimmy gallagher, jimmy. ♪ jimmy gallagher and the passions: just to ♪ ♪ be with you. ♪ just to be with you. ♪ there is nothing i wouldn't do. ♪ ♪ just to be with you. ♪ i'd climb a mountain or sail the sea. ♪ ♪ i'd go a thousand miles upon my knees. ♪ ♪ i'd find a rainbow and take it from the sky. ♪ ♪ i'll be a slave till the day i die. ♪ ♪ just to be with you. ♪ just to be with you. ♪ there is nothing i wouldn't do. ♪ ♪ just to be with you. ♪ i'll build a castle like those of old. ♪ ♪ and i will fill it with wealth i'm told. ♪ ♪ i'd find a lion, compose a symphony. ♪ ♪ i'll count the
affiliate has claimed responsibility for the bombings. on sunday, at least seven people died. three u.s. soldiers died in afghanistan on sunday. the u.s. official said that they were killed by insurgents in paktia province. attorney general eric holder is set to unveil a key new policy aimed at curbing lengthy sentences for drug violations. the policy shift will bar prosecutors from noting the specific quantity of drugs involved when drafting cases for minor drug incidents. holder will also announce policies aimed at turning over crimes to state courts and expanding drug treatment as an alternative. has spokenatt damon against president obama's policy on drone strikes. there are a lot of things that i really question, the legality of the drone strikes, these nsa revelations. if jimmy carter came out and said we do not live in a democracy -- that is a little intense. he has got some explaining to do, particularly for a constitutional law professor. in egypt, supporters of mohamed morsi how continue to be separated in two camps. the israeli government has approved the construction of near
and harder times. and that's what provokes some of us to begin to say, "it's a systemic problem." >> so, we put together some recent headlines. the merger of american and u.s. air, giving us only four major airlines and less competition. comcast buying nbc universal, also reducing competition. the very wealthy getting a trivial increase in taxes while the payroll tax of working people will go from 4.2% to 6.2%. colossal salaries escalating again, many subsidized by tax payers. the postal service ending service on saturday. what's the picture you get from that montage of headlines? >> well, for me it is captured by the european word "austerity." we're basically saying that even though the widening gap between rich and poor built us up, many of the factors that plunged us into a crisis, instead of dealing with them and fixing that problem, we're actually allowing the crisis to make the inequality worse. the latest research from the leading two economists, saez from the university of california in berkeley, and piketty in france confirms that even over the last five years of the crisis, throug
have the producers found us working in the club. we made this record. those were the ones that we were there to supervise. at the time, i can still do it. we learned how to tune the echo, equalization. we are like sponges. tavis: i am moved by the fact that such a young age, you knew what you wanted it to sound like and what it should sound like. andany people are produced, you'll learn to work the board arned to work thed t board. did was ask questions. you can really concentrate. tavis: how did you hook up? >> said there is a full set hah ontario. they say there is this visiting guy that we have before. to pick up an electric guitar and start. songs that were not very good. most amazing thing about the first song was recorded in 1962, maybe 1961. at the voice of america radio station. this fellow heard me playing the guitar at a party and i said, i have to get you on tape. i have lots of stuff. it was a real to rio. there was nothing to do. year in high school, i would have been there back in tampa. that was all that i had. that recording, my style had emerged virtually whole. i was
everything. you know, he's in with us at the start of the day and he usually leaves after we've all left. >> walk us through the day. behind the scenes of the daily show. you get there at whatever time and start the first meeting at whatever time. >> so like 9:00 in the morning we have a writer's meeting. so that will be discussing what we're going to do on the show that day. now hopefully we will have a basic sense of that, especially if it's a tuesday, wednesday or thursday from the previous afternoon, to bit ahead. so studio production who have already been in before that writer's meeting will bring up clips that they think would be useful, funny, good to juxtapose. and so from that discussion which should take about 45 minutes,. if it takes much longer than that we're already sowing the seeds of trouble which will bloom into a disaster later. so people are sent away to do the single parts of the script or two people work on one thing. they need to come in, in about-- about an hour, hour and 15 minutes. that's the most frantic point of the day where you are looking at a blank screen a
decisions. she wanted to be part of the process, and correctly so. i think she was extraordinarily useful to chadwick boseman, who played her husband, and to brian helgeland, our director. tavis: yeah. i don't want to call him a kid, but this is obviously the movie of his career so far. what do you make of this chadwick bo? >> an extraordinary actor, a really extraordinary person. he worked from mid-january to may, five days a week, five hours a day, on perfecting the baseball skills that were necessary to play jackie robinson. he really understood the opportunity that he had and the challenge that he had, and i think he took tremendous advantage of that opportunity. he's a great kid. we're going to be seeing him a lot. tavis: yeah. i know that your career is not about living and dying by the numbers, but i did mention at the top of this show that you have made about $6 billion worldwide with the films that you've put forth. what does it say to you, if anything - back to what i referenced earlier - that this movie was number one last weekend. not just number one, harrison, but number one
. you could make more money than all of us." at first i was kind of scared, and then i got involved and i seen that it was easy money, so i continued to do it. then i ended up losing my job and i ended up losing my way, because when you're doing right, you've got to do all the way right. when you're doing wrong, you've got to do all the way wrong. ain't no half-ways. so when i jumped in, i jumped all the way in, and that's when i went down the wrong path and had to find myself sooner or later. tavis: were you ever, in those years, concerned about, frightened about, how long you would live? i ask that because there's so many young people today, fans of your music, obviously, who live in a world, live in a culture, live in inner cities, where they don't even expect to live to be your age or my age. >> i didn't think i would be 21, and that's real, because of what was going on around me and the way i lived and the way the people lived around me. twenty-one was a blessing. if you made it to see 21, you were looked at as an og in my neighborhood, because you made it. so once i finally ma
. >> rose: it didn't sell to everybody. some people said "not right for us." >> which is very often the case to be fair. any t.v. show, any movie you've ever seen that you've loved or hated most likely had a history behind it of 10 or 0 or 30 people saying know before that person -- the right place at the right time said yes. >> rose: let me go to the next thing you have to do is casting. you need a walt white. so what was in your mind? >> this man was right here in my mind. i was very fortunate to have worked with bryan cranston in about 1999 on "the x-files." we had a tricky to cast ektor. that was two hander. agent mulder had to be riding for a car -- in a car for 45 minutes straight with a bad guy holding a gun to his head and being very nasty and repellent and anti-semitic and a nauseating character who nonetheless when he expired at the end of the hour the audience needed to feel sympathy for him. to feel sad for his demise. and it was very hard to cast that. very easy to find -- very scary bad guy actors in hollywood. but to find the packages who could embody nastiness and yet also ha
her upset because it's challenging. it challenged us and challenged me and my son. but it was about that. >> because it's also for me a love story. a love story through the eyes of this man and one of the reasons i said yes to lee-- after he was relentless in asking me to do it-- is because i wanted the tapestry, the depth, the broadness of that communication between a husband and a wife and particularly a middle-class black family to be seen by the rest of the world. it's something we don't see very often and i think that women have been the backbone regardless of race during that period for a number of reasons and i wanted to be able to show that in that one character. >> rose: what did you hope to bring in this script? what story? >> well, i wanted to tell the history of the civil rights movement. it seems to me that that movement has not been properly told in hollywood. you have world war ii, the holocaust, they're extremely famous, part of our national consciousness and partly because there's movies and t.v. shows made about them but there haven't been movies made about the civ
of it should we report back. what should we tell people. how are they going to use the information. >> the problem we're having now is there are no guidelines to say what should be reported back. who should be tested, who shouldn't be tested. >> who should be told. >> who should be told about this information, exactly. we're very good at diagnosing and not so great at treating genetic disorders or preventing things from happening later in life. but i think knowledge is powerful and having information can in the short-term affect parental decisions, reproductive decisions, it can affect lifestyle choices later on. >> there's already been examples of people who have been tested, seen a predisposition to diabetes and starts to immediately get screened for it. and find that you know, find out that they have diabetes much earlier. that can save many dollars in health care costs because you can start, you can treat things before they become bad. >> scientists say for diseases diagnosed early and then treated, sequencing can indeed save lives. but should doctors tell parents when tests sh
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, el queso estÁ salado. >>> depende el queso que uses. >>> como dije que les gustaba el chicharrÓn otra capita. >>> se pueden comer estas? >>> le vamos a agregar. >>> se me hizo agua la boca. >>> nuestra salsa favorita, a base de tomates, chile. cebolla, ajo, cilantro, y rodajitas de aguacate encima. mire quÉ rico. >>> ay papÁ. >>> esperese, si supieran quÉ rico huele aquÍ, no manchen. >>> me lo puedo comer? >>> es facilito, las recetas en "despierta amÉrica." com. y entren a uvideos tenemos consejos de esta servidora. >>> "sordomulo", quiere taco? >>> sÍ. dale al taco. >>> cÓmo le va chente. >>> quiÉn hizo esto tan rico? >>> cÓmo va? >>> cÓmo vamos, bien? >>> bien. >>> por dÓnde empieza. >>> mire quÉ sopa tan rica. >>> espereme. >>> mire. los deditos. >>> se puede comer? >>> no. >>> oigan, me informan en este momento, obviamente estamos en vivo, parece que hubo un temblor en mÉxico. obviamente satcha pretto nos tendrÁ noticias al respecto, esperamos que no sea de alarmar, las oraciones con la gente de mÉxico. >>> estuve la semana pasada se acuerdan, temblÓ. evacuaron te
, cudia mola dice como us aos bÉs pa pornos en rma. > los agars de pe para arriba y ajo. > la suacion miliar de thaÍa laura zapae udiza, no se pidan los detalles en elvoltlo. >>volvos con mÁs de espierta amÉrica", lacasita mÁfeliz de la levision hispana. . ♪. . . . ♪. . ♪ ♪. ♪. . . ♪. ♪. >>> y es viers. hoy vines. >>> a r,e acabÓ la Úsica cher. >> tacher. >>> sigu asÍ. mira. >>> buenos dÍas. >>> ton a mÍ. con rit,on ritmo. >>buen dÍas. > buos diasamigos hoy es viers. no . > es vrnes 23 degosto d 20, felitamoa los igos de uguay dÓe taba la banderita, e h no? Ía inpendcia. felidades los urugyos. >>> n a do damecenis respos > sÍ. >>> ybuos fuolista >>> si muy buenos > sÍ. > tuveaoportuda d visitao, emuylindo, h nte muy buen >>no conozco. > muy lind l verdad queÍ. >>>Í aunqueo smos uguayo >>> ne vesti de colos d urugua >>yo tambÉn ne vestid >>sÍ quÉ paso. >>> vinedirazado de ugua. > vamos n saha pret, gracias>>>Ícon lanotias. (ras) >>> ay tach. jor meoy directo la infoaciÓ en esta maÑan de vierne en "desertamÉri". vas acomenz con lo
estudio muy serio e ilustrador de us today, beiyonÉ y daddy yankee son los que mejores ortografÍa tienen en twitter, los mÁs burros son justin bieber y el rapero. >>> saludos, los queremos. >>> sofÍa vergara estÁ contenta, le llegÓ la mÁquina para hacer pilates, luego de hacer la rutina quedÓ desmaÑada, animo mi toti, sÍ se puede, y chiquinquirÁ cumpliÓ adivine cuÁntos aÑos, 20 primaveras el sÁbado, y lo celebrÓ con su maÁa y su hija mayor, y dÓnde estÁ jorge ramos ? ay caray, Él tomÓ la foto, no se espanten, felicidades mi chiqui. >>> lady gaga estÁ harta de pÉrez hilton, y vea lo que le escribiÓ en su twitter, alejate de mÍ y de mi familia, estÁs enfermo al tratar de rentar un departamento en mi edificio para acosarme, dÉjame en paz, ay nanita, esto se pondrÁ sabroso. salida no hubo tiempo, no se reclamen, lo grabÉ, y esta, no sÉ que hace jessy, se tarda mucho, te quiero jessy. >>> hermano quiero recalcar. recalcame. >>> enseÑame la mano. >>> yo tambiÉn tengo, tÚ no, no estÁs casado, compadre, levante la mano, dÓnde estÁ el anillo compadre? (risas) >>>
a dos veteranos de la grra de ir, y us el taser, en su hotel, y tambiÉn le rompiÓ la fuerde servicio, y en el 2011 dio de positivo en a prueba de drogas, dijo que tomÓ una pastilla para el dolor, fue suspendido por 16 aÑos, y tambiÉn en ese aÑo, estuvo involucrado en un escÁndalo, por trajaron, la policÍa joue no incidente el del adolescente investaciÓ lechos se producen en el contextoe un departamento de policÍa que enentÓ serias criticas. >>> el departamento de miami beach es reconocido por los abusos de personas que van allÁ, particularmente la comunidad afroamericana. >>> en los Últimos 7 aÑos, el cuerpo policiaco enfrentÓ dos investigaciones federales, la mÁs reciente del departamento de justicia, jo que el uso exceso de frza porparte de los agentes ocasionÓ muertes que pudieron haberse evitado. >>> apar de estas investigable, la picÍa estu inmea en escÁndalos, agentes ebrios, abuso de autoridad, y superiores que no dieron la talla, alberto millan fue abogado de la policÍa de miami dade, y representa a uniformados, dijo que la policÍa de miami beach no tiene el m
importante que el presidente use su plataforma para elevar la importancia de resolver el problema migratorio pero sin ser Él el blanco o la estrella de la conversaciÓn. porque eso abre la posibilidad de simplemente, hacer esto, una pelea polÍtica. >>> la casa blanca, nos dijo hoy, que no cree que el presidente tenga que ta sarr su capital polÍtico en un solo asunto. >>> vemos el problema en la reforma mi dpgratoria como parte la estrategia. hablan de la inmigraciÓn como un beneficio econÓmico no son temas que compiten uno con otro. >>> agrega que el mandatario impulsara el tema en las prÓximas semanas. >>> los activistas esperan mÁs aÚn >>> la verdad, esperamos que el presidente responda. esperamos ver una serie de iniciativas creativas. la acciÓn diferida que otorgÓ a los dreamers. los republicanos no estÁn dispuestos a ceder. el viernes pasado, su comitÉ nacional, aprobÓ una resolucion que considera otorgar permiso de trabajos temporales. a millÓnes de in doblidocumentan paso a la legislaciÓn. >>> al regresar de su reces, los krep nos de la cÁmara baja no logran plantear u
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